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Dr. Andreas Kamp

GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH
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The southernmost branch of GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH is located in Stuttgart. Since 2019, the colleagues in the metropolis in Baden-Württemberg support our national and international search for heirs and use their expertise in the fields of genealogy and inheritance law. Christian Gärtner has specialist knowledge in paleography, which is essential for probate research. Birthe Sengotta contributes her experience in historical provenance research and administrative organization.


During the often complex search for heirs, we profit from the local concentration of archives, which includes, among others, the Archive of the Evangelical Church of the State of Württemberg in Stuttgart and The State Archives of Baden-Württemberg. GEN GmbH is now represented in another state capital, using Stuttgart as its base for research in the entire region and in doing so reaching potential heirs in southwest Germany quickly and reliably.

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