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Petr Novotný

GEN Czech Republic

The heir search company GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH has also been represented in the Czech capital of Prague since 2015. Our subsidiary GEN Česko s.r.o. conducts research and searches heirs in all regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Probate research in the regions bordering with Poland is conducted smoothly through networking with our offices in Krakow (Kraków)and Wroclaw (Wrocław).

Our colleague Mr. Petr Novotný has worked for more than a decade as a genealogist and probate researcher, and has many contacts in the relevant archives and registry offices throughout the Czech Republic.

In particular, obtaining vital records and certified copies has gotten more difficult in the Czech Republic in recent years. Because of our local presence we are always well-informed regarding current requirements and see to it that documents which are necessary for proof of legitimacy or for research are obtained quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. In particularly difficult cases we can fall back on partnerships with attorneys and notaries in Prague.

If you as estate administrator should have an unclarified estate matter and require a search for heirs in the Czech Republic, please contact Mr. Novotný or our headquarters in Berlin.


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