International Probate Research

In our search for the missing heirs in probate cases, our research often leads us abroad.

In particular the waves of emigration from Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries still make for complicated research in estate cases. The search for entitled relatives must often be conducted on different continents. The shifting of borders in Europe in 1945 after the end of the war also has a decisive impact on our work.

In order to counteract the resulting problem, the international probate reseach company GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung founded subsidiaries in Poland in 2005, in the USA in 2007 and in the Czech Republic in 2015. GEN Sp. z o.o. maintains offices in Słubice Wrocław and and Kraków.  AGHS (American Global Heir Search) is represented in Tampa. GEN Česko s.r.o. locates heirs from its office in Prague. Besides these offices, we maintain co-operations worldwide with correspondents in all countries significant to the search for heirs.

In our group of companies more than 30 employees are working daily on international probate cases. Because we independently correspond in 20 languages, we are capable of being successful quickly.

Our team for international probate cases

In our group of companies, more than 30 employees are involved daily with the handling of international investigations. Because we independently correspond in 20 languages, we are in the position to quickly be successful.

Particularly in Germany, Poland, USA, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain and Switzerland, but also in Australia or Brazil, we have successfully located heirs many times in the past.

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you can reach us around the clock. We will promptly confirm the receipt of your case and begin with the corresponding research.

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