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GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH was founded in 1990 with nine employees – then under the name GEN Büro für Erbenermittlung GmbH. We now employ over 70 employees at our headquarters in Berlin, at our branches in Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Bayreuth and Gera as well as our subsidiaries in Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA. At the same time we have a worldwide network of correspondents and a special library collected through many years.

Our International Locations

Our subsidiary GEN Sp. z o.o. maintains offices in Słubice, Wrocław and Krakow from which we can conduct detailed on-location research without delay. Since 2015 our Czech subsidiary GEN Česko s.r.o. has its office in the capital Prague. The American section of our group of companies maintains offices on the east coast of the USA – in Tampa, Charlotte and New York. Since the founding of the American subsidiary AGHS (American Global Heir Search) in 2007, together we have earned an excellent reputation for the processing of international estate matters.

Our Strengths

Our competent team of highly-qualified genealogists consists of historians, attorneys, business economists, archivists and political scientists. With our experience of many years and consistent commitment, we have dedicated ourselves to the interesting but also challenging work of locating heirs. Our strength is in our teamwork and specialized knowledge. Through the years our staff has continually been expanded with experts from diverse subject areas. This makes it possible for us to independently correspond in 20 languages and to solve seemingly hopeless cases.

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Stuttgart Branch Opening.

The southernmost branch of GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH is located in Stuttgart. The colleagues in the metropolis in Baden-Württemberg support our national and international search for heirs and use their expertise in the fields of genealogy and inheritance law.

Birthe Sengotta contributes her experience in historical provenance research and administrative organization. Christian Gärtner possesses significant experience in the archival landscape and paleography.

Search for heirs Questions and answers

Search for heirs

The search for heirs is the search for the relatives of a decedent who, in general, come into question as heirs because of the legal line of succession. The result of a successful search for heirs is the filing of an application for a certificate of inheritance by the heirs. On the following pages we have attempted to answer all frequently asked questions regarding the search for heirs.

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Genealogists Team and location


Our 70+ employees work at thirteen different locations in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA. Most of them have a degree in history or law and have often already been working for decades as genealogists. On this page you can get to know our offices and each individual employee.

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International Probate Research

International Probate Research

GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung encompasses subsidiaries in Poland, the USA and the Czech Republic. In our group of companies more than 30 employees are working daily on international research cases. Because we can independently correspond in twenty language, we are in a position to quickly achieve success.

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