Our cooperation with estate administrators

GEN Gesellschaft für Erbenermittlung mbH was founded in 1990 and has been working closely with estate administrators since then. Contact to many probate courts has also developed from year to year.

We are aware that besides many other important and highly responsible duties estate administrators are confronted during their work with many genealogical problems. Confusing situations regarding source material and excessive research complexity as well as foreign contact quickly lead to delays in the search for heirs and proceedings for certificates of inheritance. The difficulty lies in the manifold demands which genealogical research entails. We can help you!

Your advantages by a cooperation with GEN

Quick and unbureaucratic research on location

Through our locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Bayreuth and Stuttgart as well as our subsidiaries in Gera, Poland, Czech Republic and the USA, we are quickly present in all important regions, as needed. Our research on location is furthermore supported by an extensive special library. This combination has proven to be a substantial research advantage over the competition and guarantees the best results.

Access to a worldwide network of correspondents

Through our contacts of many years and good cooperations, our research possibilities exceed far beyond Europe and the USA.

Acquisition of certified vital records nationally and internationally

Our 40+ genealogists have been successfully working together for decades with vital records offices, embassies and notaries. Our ambitious goal is always the complete documentation of succession.

Correspondence by our genealogists in more than 20 languages.

Save yourself time-consuming translation services. Besides prevalent languages such as English, French and Spanish, our employees correspond in part as native speakers in Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Catalan, Portuguese and Chinese.

Preparation of applications for certificates of inheritance and support of involved parties.

Besides the professional preparation of applications for certificates of inheritance by the use of comprehensive family tree reports and documentation, the settlement of an estate also always depends on good personal cooperation between courts, estate administrators, notaries and heirs. We deliver all of this from one source, supported by decades of experience.

No burden to the estate.

The risk is solely ours. We alone carry the expenses for our work and do not burden the estate. According to current jurisprudence, we close success-based fee agreements directly with the heirs. Only in successful cases do we receive compensation accordingly. Should the exceptional case occur that our research remains unsuccessful, still no costs accrue to the estate.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

We understand that probate courts make differing demands on estate administrators and have varying views regarding the involvement of probate researchers. In order to discuss these and other questions, we would be pleased to talk to you in person.

Should you want our support in the search for heirs, please contact the nearest branch office: Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Frankfurt am Main, Bayreuth Stuttgart or Gera, . We will tend to your estate case immediately

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